"On-Line Work Orders"


Providing the following information to process
your work orders is contained in one window. 
This is a sample screen for your "Internet or Intranet" system.

When you are finished with entering the data, just CLICK the SUBMIT button.

Each clients field data may vary to meet the operational needs.

The data processed can be local on the clients server,

co-located at one of our server locations,

or it may be processed remotely so that the work order data is audited and

processed without the need for any clerical assistance.

Required Fields (*)

Click Here For a Work Order Sample 

When the above is clicked,
the "Work Order" is sent and
then it is available in the server database
for auditing before it is processed.
The basics of "Support Management" and how work orders pave the way for your knowledgebase is discussed at:
More information regarding work order management is discussed at our main site:
Details regarding "Off-Site Data Management" is discussed at:
The ultimate methodology where more clients are going today is discussed at:
Details on "Maintenance Avoidance",
"Cost Containment",
"Steps to Efficiency",
"Maintenance Protection",
is discussed below:
Master Maintenance Management
Below are samples of work orders for
"Enterprisewide Work Orders"
work order management.
Click on the below links to see the actual representation of the "Enterprisewide Work Orders."
All work orders are changed to meet the needs of the operational unit.
Colors, fields of data, and how it is seen by the end user. Keep in mind, the work orders shown
below represent what is currently available.
Hot Work Order
Shop Work Order
Short Work Order
Master Maintenance Management
Major issues for work order management can be solved with
the "Enterprisewide Work Order" system. Those customers that already have
a current "Client/Server" installation can migrate from their current setup and
include these work orders based on how they configure their server. Or, if the client
does not have an Internet server based configuration, "Off Site" data management can
be setup so that the entire data processing is completed without clerical staff.